The Steeple on the Church here at Redeemer is lit all night long, you can see it from many places.  It is a vision of hope that shines in the night here in Monaca, PA. The Lord will lead the way. 

WELCOME VISITORS: We are pleased to have you join us in the worship of God today. You would be welcome to become part of our Faith-Family here at Redeemer should you have no permanent church-home in this community. You may see people dressed very casually in Jeans and T- Shirts or dresses, but either is fine. We are a handicapped accessible church and all our welcome.  Please sign the guest book in the Narthex and speak to the Pastor after worship, should you have questions about membership. You are most welcome here!

DO YOU KNOW of members at Redeemer who are fairly unable to get out for worship—persons who are not presently on our Concern List of Members? If so, please call the church office or speak with Pastor Angela after worship. 

Also if you are a member and are not able to drive and need a ride, call in and we will make arrangements for you to come in.

ST. STEPHEN’S LUTHERAN ACADEMY COMPUTER PROJECT (Glade Run): Register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card online at or call 1-800-474-4777, and provide their school number of 1905. St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy will receive points toward new computers every time you shop at Giant Eagle.

Glade Run  is also accepting Box Tops For Education to put toward the purchase of the new computers; a box is located near the bulletin board. Thank you for your assistance with this very worthwhile project!

 PLEASE REMEMBER that the local hospitals do not always notify churches when their members are hospitalized. If you know of fellow members who are (or are soon to be) hospitalized, please call the Church Office.


ATTENTION PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS! Are there young folks in your family who have reached Sixth Grade or children who have not yet been confirmed? If so, please call the Church Office or speak with Pastor Angela. A NEW CONFIRMATION PROGRAM at Redeemer begins this Fall. Thank you for responding promptly!

 Should you have children who’ve reached the Fifth Grade, older children who have not yet made their First Communion, or should you as parents like to have your younger than Fifth Grade children introduced to the Sacrament and prepared for First Communion, please call the Church Office or contact Pastor Angela. A “Pre-Communion” class that leads to First Communion is being planned. Thank you!

NEXT COUNCIL MEETING: The next council meeting is the second Tuesday in September 2017, only special meetings are conducted in the summer. 

REDEEMER NEWSLETTER: If you did not receive your monthly newsletter, let Patty Majors know (724-774-8960) , you can also pick one up in the Narthex. We would love to have your email so that any newsletter or correspondence could be emailed instead of mailed. Please notify the office with yours.  

BUILDING  REPAIR FUND :   John Menda is always working on projects that help maintain our beautiful church, if you become aware of anything that is in need of repair please advise someone on council.   

John Menda just installed a new Boiler for the Church.  He spent countless hours on repairs and the install.  Our thanks to John.    

Recycling: We continue to have the Paper Recycle box outside located across from the Church in front of our unpaved parking lot.    Please don't forget to do this at home and keep our World Green. and

Courtney Mottes gave our church the idea to register at the website;  which is a search engine much like Google or Bing.  Each time you use this site Lutheran Church of the Redeemer get a penny.   This may seem small but in a year it can really add up.  So if you use a computer go to and select our Church and start browsing. 

Additionally they have and if you shop online they will donate a percentage of what your total is at no cost to you.  There are hundreds of stores including Sears, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Avon, Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Orbitz, QVC, Travelocity, iTunes, Pet Smart and hundreds more. These sites may donate 1% or 5% it all varies.  So if you shop online check it out and while you shop they will be donating to Redeemer.